Real Estate Agent Service Provider

Aerialdreamz is your Real Estate Agent Service Provider.

We can support you with the following services;

  • Real estate photography, get clear photos of your objects. We do postproduction to optimize them for your website.
  • Embed your logo or text in your photo or video.
  • Real estate video production.
  • Drone video and photo service.
  • Aerial photography.
  • 360 degrees panoramic photos.
  • Installation, configuration and personalization of WordPress and the RealHomes theme. (often used in the business)
  • Website implementation support, we will advice or help you showing 360 panoramic photos or embed video on your WordPress website.
  • English > Dutch translation services.

Don’t want to invest in (aerial) photo and video? We have got a great commercial plan that makes you even earn money using our products. Curious? Just contact Marco and he will tell you all about it!

Why real estate agents need to have video!

Real estate video productions

Now all agents can afford amazing real estate video productions. Combining drone and drone simulation cameras into one short dynamic video presentation of your property.

Aerial Panoramic photos

Aerial photos

We create HD aerial photos from your real estate, plot and projects. We do postproduction on all photos, embed your logo or add any text or watermark.

Real estate photos

We create HD photos from your real estate, plot and projects. We do postproduction on all photos, embed your logo or add any text or watermark.

Facebook campaigns.

We create real estate Facebook campaigns with stunning video’s and panoramic photos (very likable and sharable by Facebook users!) . Start a Facebook campaign for little money and get lots of exposure!

Need any help? We are glad to advice you on this.

RealHomes WordPress Theme.

We have seen a lot of outdated real estate websites over here on the Costa del Sol. Very often with a lot of limitations and errors. Common issues are;

  • No fullscreen property photos.
  • Limitation of number of photos.
  • Bad or no Google index.
  • No social media optimalisation.
  • No video integration.
  • No possibility to show panoramic photos.
  • Slow performance.
  • Bad all over appearance.

Keep in mind that your prospects are mostly from the north of Europe and used to quality websites. The most of the time is your website the first contact with them.

So make sure this first time contact is as good as possible!

Keep it simple and cost effective, don’t spent money on things that are already there!

WordPress is the most used website framework in the world! Why choose different? (Show statistics.)

Take a look at our demo real-estate website and convince yourself, Show demo of RealHomes template

Dutch translations

There are over 110.000 registered people from the Netherlands living in Andalusia and there is a big market selling and renting estate to Dutch people. Almost everybody in the Netherlands speak English as a second language but especially older people like to be informed in their own language.

As we are a Dutch company we are able to translate your commercial text from English to Dutch.

We offer low pricing and fast delivery.

Why should you let us take care of your side business?

High quality! 100 % Customer satisfaction.
Fast results! 100 % Customer satisfaction.
Perfect service! 100 % Customer satisfaction.
More marketing power! 100 % Customer satisfaction.
low pricing! 100 % Customer satisfaction.