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AERIALDREAMZ, your Costa del Sol video partner.

Video is our passion!

AerialDreamz is providing professional video and photo services in the Costa del Sol / Andalusian region. The combination of high end equipment, technical experience and a huge amount of creativity will be the guaranty of the best possible result.
Managed by a Dutch couple with plenty experience in the digital world.

 AERIALDREAMZ is fully licensed by AESA

Our latest projects, created with passion.

Villa Cipreses

Casa Strella

Casa Piramide

Las Chapas


Villa ChinChilla

Villa Nagueles

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What we do.

AerialDreamz is your partner for all kind of video, photo and online services. We create stunning ultra HD (aerial) videos and photos and produce amazing short video presentations.
Our services can be used in many businesses like real estate, hospitality, golf courses, restaurants and so on.
We provide personal service with a high Dutch standard.
We speak English, Dutch, German, and Spanish on a learning level.

Present your real estate with premium video productions

And get more exposure and faster sale!

Get a complete premium video production with Drone and Drone simulation footage. All work and labour included, available in the Costa del Sol region.

Promotional event videos 

In need of affordable short promotional videos? We produce a short dynamic video of your event, club, presentation, etc.

We are reliable and we work fast, mostly we finish our production within 48 hours after we have done the recordings. We always work on a fixed price and no upfront payments!

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Premium wedding video productions 

Within weeks or sometimes within months after your wedding, your photographer sends you the most beautiful wedding photo album in the world as a lasting memory of your big day, but you might miss a trick by not recording some footage as well.

We believe that in this day and age, videos are equally or maybe even more important than photos as a medium to record your wedding day. Yet, most bridal couples book a photographer without giving it a second thought and often consider a videographer to be a costly extra.

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Increase real estate sales with clear 360 panos

Panorama photos give your real estate clients a better view of your property!

Think about what this type of photo’s can do for your real-estate sales and rentals. It is also 100% compatible with Facebook and mobile devices.

We do postproduction on all panos, we enhance colors and if you wish we watermark your company logo.

Villa Cipreses

Showcase your B&B on Facebook and Youtube with a short video

Video tells it all, produced in a video clip way!

Think about it, people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and an amazing 70% of what they see & hear.

We use high end drones and drone simulation cameras to give your guests the feeling that they are already on holiday.

Real estate project & plot sales with aerial photos, show what you are selling 

Aerial photos, more detailed than Google maps, more accurate, in ultra hd!

Give your client an idea how his view from his bedroom will be, or from his office on the third floor!

We create full hd photos from any hight and any angle in a 4608 * 3456 16mp resolution.

Golf tournament registration

Relive the tournament over and over again!

We create a short video showing the highlights of your tournament. Contemporary edited with lots of slowmotion footage.

Share the video amongst the players and audience and get a lot of exposure.

Corporate presentations 

Need to communicate business on social media?

We know how to create short corporate presentation videos.

Need a voice over? Graphics? Visual statistics? We are there for you!

(Aerial) photography

Real-estate, pets, nature, events, weddings, golf tournaments, specials.

In need of a photographer?

We always include postproduction in our quotes.

Tailormade solutions 

Short of editing capacity? In need of dedicated footage without editing? Shooting in difficult circumstances?

We are here for you to help. Use our experience and our extensive network.

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Also available for Search & rescue and inspections of remote areas.


We do our job using the best equipment on the market. Brands like Apple and DJI are reliable and perform under all circumstances. The advanced drone and camera technology of DJI gives you the best image quality you can get.

Mavic Pro.

The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvas easily and without worry, helping us make every moment an aerial moment. Its compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever.

DJI Osmo

DJI-osmo-case-handheld-4k-camera-gimbal-stabilizer-ronin-movi-3-axis-wifi-zenmuse-x3-for-sale-pre-order-x5-menuThe DJI Osmo is a handheld camera with the X3 (same as Inspire) gimball. It creates stable images in any circumstances. The Osmo can create high definition 360 and 360*180 degrees panorama images. Even with low light, it brings beautiful results.

Post production

2015_final_cut_pro_logoWe use Apple’s Final Cut Pro X for the most of our editing. With this powerful software we are able to create anything we like.

Postproduction results will be saved at a 1080p HD resolution.

Aerial video / photo

Performing with the advanced DJI Mavic Pro, we create the most beautiful aerial video and photo content. Aerial footage is perfect for uplifting real estate sales and rentals, promotional videos for golf courses, plot sales, etcetera.

Also available for inspections of hard to reach area’s like mountains.

DJI Osmo

Motion without blur. Action shots without shake. Perfect video even when you move. Thanks to advanced technologies specifically designed to keep the camera flat no matter how you move it, the DJI Osmo helps us record videos and take photos like never before. It is much more than just a camera. It helps us create with more freedom than ever. The Osmo’s X3 camera is full compatible with the Inspire 1 X3 camera. So a mixture between aerial and ground shots will not effect the total quality.

With the Osmo we also make high definition 360 and 360*180 panorama photos. Placed on your website or Facebook page it is a superb way to show property from the inside.

Post production

Combining aerial and ground footage to one short powerful video presentation. We tell it all in just 2 or 3 minutes. Hosting the full hd video on Youtube, Vimeo or on your own website will give your customers full insight of your business.

Selling or renting property will be more easy, yacht sales and rentals for remote clients will give them a complete image of the object before they decide to come over.

Event promotions on Facebook will get a boost with one of our commercial video messages.

How about a registration of your wedding, combining aerial and ground footage will give you a warm memory of this special day.

About us.

AerialDreams is owned by a Dutch entrepreneur called Marco Vlaskamp. Born in 1964 in the Hague in the Netherlands. Over the years he was active in several tech branches.

At the end of the 90’s Marco produced lots of music videos, commercials, event registrations and tv shows for the Dutch tv station TMF.

During the early 90’s he was a video technician at the World Expo in Seville. After he left Spain he promised himself to return to Andalusia to live and work there.

Several years ago he started his own software company in the Netherlands and in the year 2016 he decided to follow his dream and sold his company to start a new life over here in Spain.

Video is my passion!


If you like to see more real estate videos, visit our YouTube channel.


If you like to see more premium videos, visit our Vimeo channel.


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